rene | she/her | 03z

my account is strictly for cravity only. i have my own preference on other groups/artists & contents i want to have on my timeline, so i do selective followbacks. i tweet mostly about my ults but i do love and care about OT9!! ( ˘ ³˘)♥ my tweets are in english and indo, and i curse sometimes.
don't follow if!!
you are homophobic n racist
you think the cancel culture is cool
you hate any members of cravity
you are uncomfortable with
non-english tweets
you support x1 ot11 reboot
if you are going to break the mutual, please softblock instead of unfollow!!

get to know me!

i'm from jakarta (GMT+7)!

i only stan cravity at the moment.

i'm not a picky eater :D

my favorite drink is taro hophop <3

i like the color blue ♡⁺◟(●˙▾˙●)◞⁺♡

i enjoy watching horror/thriller/gore movies! and don't worry, i don't tweet about them (in case you are uncomfy with graphic & gory contents)!!

hi, thank you for reading my carrd!!
if you're reading this, now that you know me better, please don't be scared to interact with me! i swear i'm nice and i don't find anyone annoying ˃ᴗ˂
(if we're mutuals, i consider you as a friend already hehe)

also!! i suck at dms, but do hmu~ i love chatting with my mutuals and i would like to get to know you all better toooo!!

i love you, please take care,
stay healthy n safe ♡